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Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World (Best List)

By:  Nelson Nwankwo -Mar 26, 2015 (GPI)
Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World
Very Interesting topic, Most Peaceful Countries In The World? Peace a very hard word to completely define, but briefly we are going to look into whats really the definition of peace, what should a country be doing right for us to totally conclude that the country is one of the Most Peaceful Countries In The World.

Peace is defined as a period of harmony between different social groups that is characterized by lack of violence, conflict behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence.
Now what are the most peaceful countries in the world and how would we choose and rate them. For the purpose of this article we are going to rank this countries in accordance to the Global Peace Index (GPI) which is the world’s leading measure of national peacefulness. But how does the world Global peace index work ? let me throw more light for those who don’t particularly understand.
The GPI is developed by IEP under the guidance of an international panel of independent experts with data partly collated and calculated by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).
It is composed of 22 indicators, ranging from a nation’s level of military expenditure to its relations with neighboring countries and the percentage of prison population.
The data is sourced from a wide range of respected sources, including the International Institute of Strategic Studies, The World Bank, various UN Agencies, peace institutes and the EIU.

Now here is how Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World rank, i will go from top to bottom;

10) JAPANTop 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World
After the end of the second world war, Japan have relatively remained very peaceful especially in matter that relate to war and internal conflicts, also One of the most enchanting countries culturally, Japan has the third largest economy in the world.The country settles on an internal security force in order to maintain the peace. Japan isn’t just peaceful but very technologically advanced and beautiful. thus ; deserves it’s place in the Most Peaceful Countries In The World

9) SWITZERLAND Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World
A very beautiful country just in the middle of Europe, economically strong per capital income. one might argue that it maintains it’s peace probably because people are not so broke in Switzerland.
According to IEP, the Swiss maintain a well-functioning government and an open political culture. Illustrating the quality of government, Switzerland received the lowest score for political instability.
Moreover, Switzerland is always neutral in matters of regional, international and global political issues. which in my opinion is very wise. and will remain in the Most Peaceful Countries In The World list for a long time.

8) CZECH REPUBLICTop 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World
Formally a part of the Czechoslovakia, located in central Europe and just above 10.5 million in population, After it gained its independence from the Soviet Bloc in 1989 due to the Velvet Revolution and its subsequent split with Slovakia, Czech republic have channeled all their focus on building a very strong capitalist economy
In 2009, the Human Development Index (HDI) ranked the Czech Republic as a country of ‘Very High Human Development.’ Renowned mostly for its magnificent capital city Prague and breathtaking natural beauty, the Czech Republic is very peaceful and attracts lots of tourist including me. another country to really deserves to be in the list of Most Peaceful Countries In The World.

7) BELGIUMTop 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World
One of the most popular country in the list isn’t just peaceful and beautiful but also has a very strong and prosperous economy so people are very happy.
According to the Global Peace Index, Belgium is one of the best and most  Peaceful Countries In The World and in Europe . Situated in the heart of Europe, this small country holds a special place. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is home to the European Union and NATO.
Belgium boasts medieval cities, beautiful town halls, majestic castles, and captivating natural beauty. Homicide and imprisonment rates are low in this country, even though Belgium did experience a crisis within its government over the 2008-2011 period but was quickly resolved with less to none violence.

6) ICE-LAND Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World
Probably more famous for having some of the world strongest men, In-fact in Ice-land strength is Culture, and have produced some of the world strongest Men down the years.But despite the power show-off in this really cold country, people don’t seem to be conflict oriented, hence making the country one of the Most Peaceful Countries In The World .
Always out of the headlines and seldom involved in international or regional conflict has kept the country very peaceful.Tourists from all parts of the world come to Iceland to view its huge glaciers and raging volcanoes, as well as numerous unique natural and cultural attractions in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Hence i forget they also have one of the most complicated language on earth.

5) SWEDENTop 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World
One of the countries i will love to stay forever, why? Well in Sweden almost everything we pay for in other countries are totally free. although the tax rate in this country is massive, things like Health Care, Education and lots more are 100% free.
One of the countries with a really strong middle-class, Sweden is a country everyone should dream about, and every government should copy.
Although Sweden is one of the biggest weapon exporters in Europe, the country has a low level of robberies (only 9,000 a year) compared to the United States (about 350,000 a year)!
According to the Global Peace Index, Sweden is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, in spite of the fact that it’s among the world’s top arms exporters. Besides, Sweden has not been to war and has not participated in any combats for the whole 2 centuries (200 years )

4) SLOVENIATop 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World
 A Very jovial and beautiful Country, Slovenia is also among the most peaceful countries in the world. The country got its lowest marks in funding for the United Nations peacekeeping missions, number of police and security officers, level of perceived criminality in society, number of organized internal conflicts, violent protests, and number of internal and external wars fought.
I agree with the Global Peace Index and believe that Slovenia deserves its place in the list of the most peaceful countries on Earth. Moreover, with its wonderful cities like Maribor and Ljubljana teeming with unique culture, Slovenia is a fantastic travel destination according to “Julia Melko”

3) SINGAPORETop 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World
Home of the famous Late Lee Kuan Yew was the first prime Minister of Singapore and mastered minded the implementation of one of the best economic policies which many countries in the world are now trying to implement especially in Africa.
Singapore is a very small and prosperous nation, can never take its right to exist and security for granted. Since achieving its independence in 1965 as a sovereign Republic, Singapore, they have focused on been good neighbor and Promoting Social economic developments and in peaceful accord with all countries.
Singapore is among the most peaceful countries in the world as well as one of the world’s wealthiest countries.

2) NORWAYTop 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World
Most people do not expect Norway to be included in the list of most Peaceful countries in the world, and even second placed on the list. Probably because of the infamous Anders Behring Breivik, a mass murderer who tarnished the image of the country.
Sure, it was an extraordinary incident, but according to the Global Peace Index Norway is one of the world’s most peaceful countries and friendly and safe place to live.
Norway is the country with the highest level of human development in the globe, plus, the government of Oslo always places peace at the forefront of the priorities of the country.which right after all why grow economically strong and no peace, which should be the main priority of every democratic government. ” keep the people peaceful and happy then economic growth will make more sense”

1) DENMARKTop 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World
Most countries that where occupied by Nazi Germany all formed one small Armed group or the other to fight the Nazi’s, but not Denmark. Even while Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, was under occupation by the Nazis during the World War II. They still didn’t take up up arms to fight.
Honestly, the Danish people seem to be more interested in economic matters than conflict. be it global involvement or regional. Denmark is just not interest in war.
No wonder, It tops the list of the most peaceful countries in the world. Also the country is beautiful and the people are jovial and very friendly.
The top stops for the rankings change all the time, so maybe this our list might be changed at anytime by the Global peace index.
As much as this is a top ten list of most peaceful countries in the world, if we were to make it top 20 list the following countries are also very peaceful;

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