Friday, November 20, 2015


Let me greet you first with this Poem:
<<Risk @ Crazy Tomorrow>>
We are in the hands of disaster 
Tomorrow is crazy as ever
We are creating millions of sin
Full of problems up and down
Whatever comes whatever gone
                                                Drink the waste of life as you gain
                                                you can't go back once you are born!
                                                Thus go and forecast the risk
                                                To have a light in the dark
                         [Zelalem T; AU, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Nov 19, 2015]
The International conference on "Building financial resilience of African nations and communities to climate and disaster risks" started on Nov 17, 2015 and end up on Nov 20, 2015 at the AU headquarters.
The World Bank Group, AU, African risk Capacity, IMF and other international and regional organizations, organizes the conference. More than 35 African countries are participated in the meeting.
Outstanding scholars from all over the world presenting their studies on how to forecast and minimize the future social, economic and health risks. Professor M. Kapila (Professor of Global Health and Humanitarian Affairs in University of Manchester) gives us a brief description about the future natural and human made disasters for the African Community. As he explained, more than 9 countries are under risk for natural disasters. Civil war, unplanned urbanization, deforestation, poor governance and others factors may have a great risk on the social, economic and health paradigm of the future African community. He gave us also a brief description about the global status of diseases including the pandemic Ebola. 
Ethiopia was indicated as one of the draught victim country. As the State Minster of Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Ethiopia explained, around 8.2 million people are in need of food right now due to the drought occurred in Ethiopia
After Ebola Epidemics: The Future of Pandemic Management in Africa
                      Zero Ebola (No more Ebola)
As Margaret Lamunu, epidemiologist and Ebola response leader in Sierra Leone; WHO, explained from 1976 until now, Ebola cases were occurred from 23 African countries and the highest was recorded in Sierra Leone 8991 cases. As of Nov 2015, a total of 28607 confirmed and suspected cases occurred worldwide. 513 health workers were died in three pandemic countries. The good news is that the EVD is under control and they are striving to reach on Zero Ebola.

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