Wednesday, June 15, 2016

“I have a dream”

 I look in to the sun
And look in to the moon
All shines equally for the world
Why dark for African child?

I know my color is black
But we are equal at the dark
My flesh and blood
It is like what you had

Don’t hold my dignity
Make me free to fly on liberty
Give me full freedom
To fly on the field of wisdom

Don’t give me a weapon
I need food with a spoon
Don’t scatter me with race
I am an African with a grace
Please leave my wing
To fly on my land

I have a dream!
I can escape from the bottom
I have a dream
I will grow with my mam
I have a dream!
My passion and brilliant mind
Will use for the motherland
I have a dream!
Tomorrow is better than today
I will laugh instead of cry
(Zelalem Tilahun, Ethiopia; Poet and Lecturer)
In Memory of “International Day of the African Child” , June 16, 2016)

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